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Kenyan Chicago Marathon 2014 Runners
There is no athletic discipline more frequently mentioned in the history of our faith than running.   The Lord declared all of His creation is good (Genesis 1.)   The glory of the young is in their strength (Proverbs 20:29.).   The Lord finds a special delight in runners.  The first to experience the Lord’s Resurrection was a woman, Mary Magdalene; and she ran in response.  His disciples ran to see the empty tomb, and the one most loved by the Lord, John was the first to reach the vacant grave (John 20.)  When New Testament writers explain discipline, perseverance, and determination their illustrations are of runners.  Eric Liddell, Olympian and missionary to China summarized God’s relationship with runners by saying, “
I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

          Thus we gather this evening as both young and old to remember that runners are
our heroes.  We hope our children will share your character as they mature.  As we age we delight in the beauty of your run as we wait for our resurrection bodies.  You remind us that neither Kenya nor Chicago is our final destination.   Heaven is our home.   We long to cross the finish line one last time and hear our Lord say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Can all those planning to run in the Chicago Marathon please stand?

May you be surrounded by a great crowd

May you be free in body, mind, and spirit.

May you run the marked race.

May you persevere as you carry our hopes (Hebrews 12:1.)

May you run with purpose and determination.

May you run so that victory is your destiny (1 Corinthians 9:24-26.)

May you boast in the Lord with your success in this race (Philippians 2:16)

When the Lord returns to this earth may you run to tell us His Good News (John 20:2-4.)


Can we all stand as I read the Lord’s Prayer in Kiswahili?

‘Baba yetu uliye mbinguni jina lako litukuzwe.

 Ufalme wako uje, mapenzi yako yafanyike hapa duniani kama huko mbinguni.
Utupatie leo riziki yetu ya kila siku.
 Na utusamehe makosa yetu kama sisi tulivyokwisha kuwa samehe waliotukosea.
 Na usitutie majaribuni, bali utuokoe kutokana na yule mwovu,’
 Kwa kuwa Ufalme na nguvu na utukufu ni vyako milele. Amina.  
(Matayo 6:9-13Neno: Bibilia Takatifu (SNT)”

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