Friday, March 14, 2014

FAQ ABOUT GLF (Great Lakes Fellowship)

 What is the vision of GLF (Great Lakes Fellowship)?

To promote unity among Diaspora from Africa’s Great Lakes.


Though many of us are doing well in areas such as academic and professional development adaptation to American life can be overwhelming.    Many of us have noticed the adaptation is particularly tricky to navigate for our children.    Yet there is great wisdom in our community to share.    We hope by promoting unity of Diaspora from Africa’s Great Lakes our community’s wisdom will be shared and our children’s future nurtured. 

Who is welcome to attend?

We practice the African virtue of hospitality.    We are first communicating to those from Africa’s Great Lakes.    However, friends of the region are always welcome.    In fact, it feels most like “home” when there are visitors.     We are always blessed by the presence of visitors.   Karibu sana abagenyi.  

What about children?

Children are most welcome.   In fact, we’ll try to keep the speeches short for children’s attention span. 

Is Lupita going to be at this GLF?

Not this Saturday.   However, her dad, Dr. Peter Anyang' Nyong'o is a 1977 graduate of the University of Chicago; some of us grew up in Kisumu; we’ll ask questions; and nothing is impossible with God.     (We always try to be thankful and God’s grace frequently surprises us.)


Where is the Misseo Dei Church located?

1242 W. Addison Street, Wrigleyville, Chicago – close to the Red and Brown line L stops.

What time does it begin?

5:00 p.m. (Muzungu time.)    We won’t fine you if you come late.   We know Chicago traffic can be difficult, many of us are very busy, and sometimes we get lost.    However, we want to do our best to keep time so our children get the most out of GLF.

Is there parking at Misseo Dei?

Yes.   If we park like the taxi park in Kampala we can fit 22 cars in the Misseo Dei parking lot.   If we park like a mall in the Chicago suburbs we can fit 12 cars in the Misseo Dei parking lot.    What do we want to do?

What will happen at GLF?

We’ll have chai to drink as we gather.   We’ll have a few worship songs from home.   We’ll have a discussion about a relevant issue for our community.   (This month we’ll celebrate Lupita’s Oscar win and talk about our children’s adaptation.)   We’ll celebrate our unity in Holy Communion.   We’ll eat a meal together.   (Rumors are some are bringing passion fruit juice, muchomo, chapatti, and mandazi.)

Will GLF always be at Misseo Dei?

No.   Diaspora are scattered all over Chicago.   We will try to rotate GLF to different locations in Chicago so that it will periodically be easy for all to attend.    Do you have some suggested churches, schools, halls, parks, etc… where future GLF’s can meet?

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